Photo by John Stintzi.

Photo by John Stintzi.


Nora Decter

I grew up in the North End of Winnipeg in the 90s, trying my hardest to pretend the year was actually 1977 and the setting was the Lower East Side of New York City. (It wasn’t always as much of a stretch as you might think.) As a kid I was obsessed with books and too many bands to mention. I haven’t changed much—pursuit of those interests has pretty well shaped my life to date.

Books led me to study literature and writing at an array of universities, but mostly in Toronto at York and on Long Island at Stony Brook. Though I did stints on both coasts, Toronto became home base. Not long after moving there I set aside my fear of sucking and started to sing in bands, mostly of the grunge persuasion. In 2011, after my then-band broke up, I decided to leave Toronto for the wilds of Manitoba cottage country to re-focus on writing fiction for the summer.

It was there, in a cabin that would one day tip over with me in it, that I began to write something about the experience of losing music. That eventually became two things: my first novel, How Far We Go and How Fast, and an accompanying EP by the fictional band Proofs, which features the songs that Jolene plays in the book.

How Far We Go and How Fast is available from Orca Book Publishers and wherever fine books are sold.